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Would you be able to do time-recording?

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i want to be a lawyer but and i am belonging cultural family so i confused that i will be or not?

1 Answers  

Can a credit card account receivable be understood under the meaning of UCC Article 3 sec.104 as a "Negotiable Instrument"?

0 Answers  

an offence punishable under IPC only when attempted and not when commited.

1 Answers  

Should the law exist to protect us from ourselves?

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Name the chairman of traffic communities ?

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Do you think that the impact of human rights will be severe on criminal law?

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How much notice you need to give to your present employer if you were offered a position?

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What is the difference between a barrister and a solicitor?

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why are the laws are so phophorus?

1 Answers   TATA,

I belongs to OBC category,shall I get Non-creamy layer certificate,if yes what type of documenrs it does required.

2 Answers   AIIMS, DRJ ARDE,

what is the full form of poto, tada, and gujkok

1 Answers  

who is the present cheif justice of india.

3 Answers