what is the difference b/w window 2000 server and window
2003 server ?

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what is the difference b/w window 2000 server and window 2003 server ?..

Answer / sreenivasulu kodati

Note: Windows Server 2003 was released as an upgrade to Windows 2000 Server. Additional features in Windows Server 2003 include. windows 2003 server support remote desktop feature but in 2000 remote desktop feature was not supported.
Window 2003 server includes IIS server in it. That is the biggest advantage on top of better file system management.
you can change the domain name at any time with help of ntdsutil command, without rebuilding the domain that is not possible in 2000.
1: Windows 2000 server give only 90 days trial version of Terminal server. but windows server 2003 give 120 days trial version.
2: Windows server 2003 shared folder at a time only 65767 user access.
1) In Win 2000 server we can apply 620 group policies but in 2003 we can apply nearly 720 so Win2003 server is more secure than win 2000 server.
2) In 2000 we cannot rename domain whereas in 2003 we can rename Domain.

3) In 2000 it supports of 8 processors and 64 GB RAM (In 2000 Advance Server) whereas in 2003 supports up to 64 processors and max of 512GB RAM.

4) 2000 Supports IIS 5.0 and 2003 Supports IIS6.0

5) 2000 doesn't support Dot net whereas 2003 Supports Microsoft .NET 2.0

6) 2000 has Server and Advance Server editions whereas 2003 has Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter and Web server Editions.

7) 2000 doesn't have any 64 bit server operating system whereas 2003 has 64 bit server operating systems (Windows Server 2003 X64 Std and Enterprise Edition)

8) 2000 has basic concept of DFS (Distributed File systems) with defined roots whereas 2003 has Enhanced DFS support with multiple roots.

9) In 2000 there is complexality in administering Complex networks whereas 2003 is easy administration in all & Complex networks.

10) In 2000 we can create 1 million users and in 2003 we can create 1 billion users.
11) In 2000,there is no shadow copy whereas 2003 shado copy is there.
12)In 2000,we can't rename domain name whereas we can change it.
In 2003 we have concept of Volume shadow copy service which is used to create hard disk snap shot which is used in Disaster recovery and 2000 doesn't have this service.
Many more to tell

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what is the difference b/w window 2000 server and window 2003 server ?..

Answer / sk rahim

In windows 2000,it has Adc and 2003 has Cdc and Ndef.Which means 2003 has new feature that is NDEF.

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