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why there is a difference in depreciation rate as per
companies act & as per income tax act? i know the treatment
but want to know why there is a difference?

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hello this is imran from hyd, my question regarding the law, my father was in police department in Andhra Pradesh before death,as my mother is 2nd wife to him(my father),my father took divorce from 1st wife 20 years ago by Muslim law,the nominee for the pension after my father is my mom that is 2nd wife, but still my mom is not getting pension , what i have to do plz mail me to

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Are prosecutors and public defenders part of the Judicial Branch?

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what is the full form of nalsar?

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hOW pf and esic is calculated?

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1.why r u pursuing mba after B.A.LL.B? 2.why r u pursuing mba in HR?

0 Answers   Integreon,

who is the first law officer of government of india ?

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What is the first settlement authorty in ID act

1 Answers   NTPC,

Why would you want to do legal aid work?

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hi ,this is salman from brother in law is working as court master in high court hyd.he didnt have atleast common sense.he and his family always wants to complete her demands for silly things.they are making silly things as a big issue.i dont understand what to do? if i lodge any complaint he would know better ipc section to escape because he is working under high court judge.kindly suggest me a good solution to live my sister life happy for email id is

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If A company give the order for Re-condition of Material party charged the service tax on 70% of basic value and cst on 30% of basic value afainst Form C, is there wct will be applicable, if no, why. Clarified the answer

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What do you understand by the rule of law?

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