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hi, i have cleared written test of clerical bank of
baroda... anyone plz share what kind of questions are asked
in interview???? and how to prepare for it?

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What is valley, Playa, Catchment area, Basin ? please describe with picture.

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what does the answer to achivements, strength, n weakness, in front of interviewing persons

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Who was the first person to translate 'bhagwat gita' sanskrit To english in 1785 ?

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Has anyone got the offer letter for the sbi clerical post from the Guwahati circle?

21 Answers   State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur SBBJ, State Bank Of India SBI,

what is meaning of ranking 0-5 given in your answer . For what No. of ranking answer is correct.

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hi has anybody faced SBI associates PO GDPI? mine is on 29th. please share

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How to choose generals in grand battle game? In grand battle game, I have upgraded to a certain level, which enables me to choose generals to fight for me. However, I am not sure how to choose them. Could any one can give me some suggestions? Thank you!

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When will Syndicate Bank Clerical recruitment result?

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waht is your srength and weakness?

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which is the best site for giving information about it job vacancies in gulf, dubai,oman,UK & what are the certifications needed for a .net programmer or a commerce post-graduate(in hr) to get jobs easily there with a good salary? what is the starting pay-scale there?

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how DR BR Ambedkar become chairman of drafting commite?

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