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what is non tax audit & due date for & if return is not
filed within due date then

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Many times,civil cases result in compromise and settlement agreements. When was the last time you successfully negotiated your stance?

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Where can i get the details about case laws?

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what is the minimum age to become aprime minister in india?

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Is there any law in India which is favouring or protecting husbands from Doemstic Violence? If yes then which and if no then do you think that Indian Constitution is not properly built?

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What are the three major types of errors that should be considered when proofreading a document?

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what is law

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Please give any one of the standard book name for Provident Fund Act & Rules and ESI.

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Hi I am Subhajit. I have joined MNC BPO in august 2020.In the probation I got an medical problem in my family so after 3 days when probation started I have to leave from from the company. I sent a resignation from my registered mailid to my recruiter. After 3 days their team reached out to me kindly inform us why are you absent from the job. I have sent the same resignation with date as attachment. In between somedays they may be contact me via phone but I did not get that calls and when I call back they did not pickup my phone. I have mailed again to the autherity to release me. Today they sent me a termination letter which is written that " Separation due to abondoned from services" . What should I do next?. Is this advarse effect on my carrier in any field? Is am so frastated

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what is non tax audit & due date for & if return is not filed within due date then

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can an outsider put a criminal case against members of the cooperative society on personal ground though matter of the society where each member is not paid by the society and does voluntary service , secondly can the police call each and every member after getting bail from the magistrate be called by the police at any time without any proper questions being asked by the police every now and then since in the bail it is written that the police can call the members at any time for interrogation, after going for interrogation one finds that there were no questions asked . thirdly have they to report to th epolice every time they go out of india

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one of my foreigner friend's father died in car accident,he had a sum of $4700000 forty seven lakh us dollar with nomine my partner now no body is there to look after her that and she wants to transfer all this money in my account so that she can join me in India freely,so please advise me about the circular of law and banking,i have no idea about that.

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