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What is the difference between X.25 and Frame Relay explain
it briefly

What is the difference between X.25 and Frame Relay explain it briefly..

Answer / shikha dixit

There are various differences between X.25 and Frame Relay.
The most significant are:

1. Call Control

X.25 connection establishment and release (call control)
use in-band signaling within the same virtual channel used
for user data transmission causing additional overhead.
Frame Relay call control uses separate virtual channels
identified by reserved DLCI using the LMI (Local Management
Interface) protocol.

2. Routing vs. Switching

X.25 performs packet switching on OSI layer 3 (network
layer); Frame Relay performs packet switching on OSI layer
2 (data-link). Frame Relay does not use any layer 3

3. Flow Control

Frame Relay (FR) doesn't perform flow control between frame
handlers (FR routers). X.25 routers have to acknowledge
each frame; in case of frame errors frames have to be
retransmitted and acknowledged. Frame Relay relies on flow
control performed by higher layer protocols

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