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what has triggered the need for multitasking in PCs?

what has triggered the need for multitasking in PCs?..

Answer / pankaj gour


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directories can be implemented either special files that can only be accused in limited ways or can be implemented as ordinary data files. what are advantages and disadvantages of this approach?

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what are the stands for OAB(offline address book) in exchange server?

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API used to hide window

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Let us suppose one application needs 2GB RAM to run and dependent plugins will be load while running application. Here My doubt is how many processes will create for this application. I know the concept of virtual memory, which will provide RAM on demand. My straight forward question is what is the size of the process and is it single process will create by operating system to complete the task of my application.??? Thanks in Advance.

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In the Disk Management for all the drives , "Delete Partition" is in disabled mode ? so plzzz help me to get in enabled mode .

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