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what us software development life cycle explain briefly

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what us software development life cycle explain briefly..

Answer / tamilkudimagan.r

Software development life cycle consists of four phases.
That is,
3.Implementation and

1.Analysis: Define the goals.Gathering the requirements to
develope a software for customer satisfaction.Aanalyse that
how to use and design?.

2.Design: Detailed design the requirements as a structure.

3.Implementation: Implement the detailed design with
designed code.

4.Testing: Check the whether the software will work
properly or satisfies the customer expectation.
If it is satisfies the customer needs, that software
properly produced.

This is software development life cycle.

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what us software development life cycle explain briefly..

Answer / girish

Requirement collection
feasibility study

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what us software development life cycle explain briefly..

Answer / guest

Requirement Analysis
High level design
low level design
construction & unit testing
system and integration testing

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