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what is the role of archiever

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what is the role of archiever..

Answer / sinha

Archiver [ARCn] writes the committed data from redo log file
to archive log file. Archive log file is used as backup for
recovery purpose if database crashes.

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what is the role of archiever..

Answer / ashok

archiver writes the data from redologs to archivefiles.
when log switch occur or redolog is full then log switch
occur automatically archiver writes from redo to
archiverfiles .manuvally dba can force logswitch alter
system switch logfile

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what is the role of archiever..

Answer / karthickumar pillaiyarsamy

Archiever role is writes the data from online redolog file
to archieved file, but Archiever Should be enable.

In 10G,
Alter system set archieve/noarchieve mode

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what is the role of archiever..

Answer / mbujjibabu

archiver will maintain the Historical data from Master data
based on time.
this data will be used for planning and forecasting.

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