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What type of character you like?

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Have you done summer training in HR then why do you want to go in marketing(after dual spesilisation in Marketing and HR)?

0 Answers   FMCG,

Pharma Quality Assurance Interview Questions.

4 Answers   Ankur Drugs Pharma, Aurobindo, Biocon, Dr Reddys, Glochem, Process Industries, Ranbaxy, Reddy Labs, Unilab, Yeluri Formulations,

what is the syllabus for group2 exams? please answer this one

0 Answers   Sutherland,

just what is the difference between group1 and civils.............. and i want to know how to prepare the groups.Where can i get the information about this...... can u tellme plz

1 Answers  

tell me about urself ? why didnt u join earlier when u came for the interview? where do you work and what is your job profile? you have done mass comm and MA in english, y did u join a call centre? is it serving your purpose? y arnt you trying in media and related fields? how much salary do you expect? what are your expectations from the co? why should we hire u? do you think you will be able to handle this profile? are you comfortable with travelling? If not, will you go in for other profiles that we have? good and bad things about you? how soon can you join? wil you need to give prior notics to your co b4 leaving you will not be on co. pay rols and no leaves. is that ok with you?

0 Answers  

Did any body faced personal interview in IBM in siebel.Pls share u r experience

0 Answers  

What is the gross salary of newly appointed clerk in sbi bank ?

80 Answers   Indian Bank, State Bank Of India SBI,

what is the equivalence classes for the pairs (1,1) and (3,4)?

0 Answers  

how to open CD/DVD drive shortcut key in keyboard for windows xp and other operating systems.

2 Answers   Wipro,

How does volunteering helps to enrich the resume and help to build the skills?

1 Answers  

how to get c & f agengy licence or ragistration ??

0 Answers  

Dear sir, in rbi total time is 3 hours & total 200 marks question . But i dont understand how many no of question in maths,eng,reas,ga. please help me. so please send me a total set f rbi previous papers with solution. THANKS

0 Answers