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What kind of salary you are expecting from our
organization? How can we tell amount of salary in the case
of different companies.?

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sir i have a 3 year gap in my studies as i dropped couple of years while preparing for IIT. Though i couldn't clear IIT. Therefore, I joined an engineering colllege in Punjab, but unsatisfied with standards over there i left that college after completing 1st semeester and took admission in IP University. my present stream is computer science.would this 3 year gap in my course of studies would hamper my job prospects?

1 Answers   HCL, TCS,

If I dont feign to have a disability, whether it be mental or physical, to get state money, or money from S.S.I but let the people who really need the money have it instead, such as children and severly disabled people. But choose to activley look every day for employment, but do not find employment and end up living on the streets because I can no longer pay my rent, at what point does it NOT become my fault? Is there a time when I should simply follow the rest of the people over the cliff?

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NRA withholding and Foreign tax withholding are they same?

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Tel me da fee structure of RACE?

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Dear sir, Corporation bank has announced notification to apply for clerk post{IBPS}. They are going to test language proficiency test I want to know what questions they have asked previously at corp bank clerk interview and please mail me

0 Answers   Corporation Bank,

What SEO tools do you regularly use or weekly basis?

1 Answers  

Ratnavali is the famous work of (A)Asvaghasa. (B) Sri Harsha (C)kalhan. (C) panini

0 Answers   NIIT,

why you want to join LIC as DSE?

0 Answers  

hi r electronics 2 nd yr students can apply for this appsc. or they should apply only in final yr any thing like that pl tell me the details.

0 Answers   Genpact,

What are the test cases for booking one ticket for same movie, for same time but many users.

0 Answers   TCS,


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what are your weakness?

4 Answers