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what are the optional subjects in group1 exam
plz help me

what are the optional subjects in group1 exam plz help me..

Answer / balu


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How to use High Level Recruit Card in the game of Grand Battle? I have downloaded the free Android game Grand Battle on Google Play, I love it very much. And yesterday I got a high level recruit card, but I do not know how to use it. Could any Grand Battle fans help me? I cannot wait to find the way! Thank you so much.

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please i have been given a project on optical networking hardware,i have done all i could but i could'nt find the information i wanted,please can u help me,i need to submit it in 6hours time today.please try and help me out.

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sometimes when we touch other person's hand we feel a minor (current like) shock, why so?

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stagglation is a situation of ?

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what is meaning of ranking 0-5 given in your answer . For what No. of ranking answer is correct.

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i have worked at paper industry in instrumentation dept as asst.engg for two years in bank interview they asked me why u are coming to the banking field. what concrete reason i can give for this

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Ratnavali is the famous work of (A)Asvaghasa. (B) Sri Harsha (C)kalhan. (C) panini

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what are the detail steps to be a professional golfer

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hi this is laxman. i did't find group 2 challan form on apspsc site plz help me , where it is?

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I have done MBA(Finance & Mktng) back in 2009 and then join the BPO backend process for 1 year and done sap sd and now i m lkking for the sap sd or mba job ..please reply fast at if you have any suggestion...i need job immediatly...

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when the currency is started to be used for transaction and by whom?

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What is seo?

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