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What is INODE?

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What is INODE?..

Answer / manas behera

When a file system is created, data structures that contain
information about files are created. Each file has an inode
and is identified by an inode number (often "i-number" or
even shorter, "ino") in the file system where it resides.
Inodes store information on files such as user and group
ownership, access mode (read, write, execute permissions)
and type of file. There is a fixed number of inodes, which
indicates the maximum number of files each filesystem can

A file's inode number can be found using the ls -i command,
while the ls -l command will retrieve inode information.

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What is INODE?..

Answer / najib

INODE is a pointer to a block on the disk and it is unique.

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What is INODE?..

Answer / manoj gupta

here i stands for index.index node contains the information
about specific file

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What is INODE?..

Answer / shiva ram prasad

As above said INODE is a unique num for example
in unix we use commands like "man"
for that inode num ber will b 5678

so this inode num is to sys understand the commands given by
d user

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What is INODE?..

Answer / hem

Inode number a unique number provided by kernel to newly created file or directory. Its a unique no. It contains info about file size,permissions, creation - modification date (time stamp) block, security flags, links counter to determine
how many hard link created, UID ,GID and device id.

Specially it doesn't contain file name.

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What is INODE?..

Answer / kriss

Inode is an unique number. Inode holds metadata of files

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