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Mascot Interview Questions
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CPU - abbrevation

2 3327

Windows NT- What NT stands for?

9 10707

One Gigabyte =?( 2 power30 , 2 power 20 ,2 power 10 none)

4 8829

DMA - abbrevation (Direct Memory Access,Discrete memory Access,Disk memoryaccess)

4 4841

What is meant byStatic Variable ?

7 7624

What is meant by QUEUE?

4 8250

What is meant by STACK?

5 12475

Difference between 80286 and 80287

2 9253

Binary tree?

1 5163

Struct(s) { int a; long b; } Union (u) {int a; long b; } Print sizeof(s)and sizeof(u) if sizeof(int)=4 and sizeof(long)=4

2 4686

Switch (i) i=1; case 1 i++; case 2 ++i; break; case 3 --i; Output of i after executing the program

5 7205

char S; char S[6]= " HELLO"; printf("%s ",S[6]); output of the above program ? (0, ASCII 0, I,unpredictable)

7 10124

Unsigned char c; for ( c=0;c!=256;c++2) printf("%d",c); No. of times the loop is executed ?

8 14236

int i; i=2; i++; if(i=4) { printf(i=4); } else { printf(i=3); } output of the program ?

15 13735

what is FAT?.

12 14186

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