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What is the ResourceBundle?

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What is the ResourceBundle?..

Answer / ajay

ResourceBundle is a property file handler with locales
support, it allows you to support multiple languages in
your application. There's a full explaination on what
ResourceBundle is and how it has to be used in the javadoc.

Yes, ResourceBundle can be used instead of the Properties
class. It would be particularly usefull when developing
applications for different languages. The ResourceBundle
class will find the correct properties file based on the
current user locale.

The advantages of using ResourceBundle taken from the
javadoc This allows you to write programs that can:

be easily localized, or translated, into different
handle multiple locales at once
be easily modified later to support even more locales

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What is the ResourceBundle?..

Answer / ravikiran

resource bundle is to save the message as key value pairs

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