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Why do you looking for BPO job?

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Why do you looking for BPO job?..

Answer / sunil kumar

i am looking for bpo because today bpo is booming
industry ,where we can find growth and as well its help our
financial .and also learning oppourtunites. and it is a
well maitained organition to work.

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Why do you looking for BPO job?..

Answer / sachin kumar

beacause its a platform where learning and earning both
oppurtunites is there.Here you can learn how to deal with
coustmers and clients.And this will help you to understand
the company environment and even the growth is very high in
this sector.

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Why do you looking for BPO job?..

Answer / madhuri

BPO is a booming sector ,and growing on a very fast rate and its the only sector which was stable at the time of recession and it pays a goog amount to a fresher and give them an opportunity to learn and build their career.

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Why do you looking for BPO job?..

Answer / s. mohamed riyaz

bpo is fast growing sector. here only i get the opportunity
to developed my skill and also my financial growth.

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Why do you looking for BPO job?..

Answer / mohammed fahd

in india bpo is under peak time.... bpo is the fastest
growing industry... it is the boomin feild... i have seen
lot of guys working in call centre even few of my cousins
are workin so even i would like to start my career in bpo
field.... the main reason is that i feel i have got good
communication skills n i m very hard working....i like
interacting with people n im sure that i would learn lot of
things in bpo... i might see myself as a team leader after 5
years from now....

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Why do you looking for BPO job?..

Answer / srinu

I want to work in BPO because for this position dont need
for higher qualification. All u need good communication
skills and fluency in english.

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Why do you looking for BPO job?..

Answer / mohan

bcoz it provides lot more learning opportunities to boost
our career and it is the only one platform where we can make
mega bucks..

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Why do you looking for BPO job?..

Answer / ishu

I want to join bpo
because its fast
growing company
moreover i would love
to have global
exposure nd it
provides opurtunity to

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Why do you looking for BPO job?..

Answer / samarth

I want to joined BPO because BPO is Booming Sector,And
during recession it proved itself as the most stable
industry,so that i can see my bright future in BPO.

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Why do you looking for BPO job?..

Answer / aditya

BPO job is a real challenging job. I like to accept challenge and if the industry is ready to give me the chance to take challenge and prove my qualities right from beginning, that is what i want. It will help me to deal with adverse situations and help me build patience and make me more focussed, which are the key qualities required for this job profile. Other reason, Co wants young talent like me to have new ideas and develop new cutting edge customer solutions, which i feel will be possible as its always easy to get freshers on a quick learning phase rather than to break the rigid mind set of the experinced employees. I would like to join the BPO as, Co wants new talent for new growth and i want a job in this upcoming new industry. If i get a chance i feel both Co and me will be benefitted and succeed in the long run.

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