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In india how the fraud management is done?

In india how the fraud management is done?..

Answer / shailendra

10 years back in India there was not any Automated
Intelligent system Which could detect Telecom Fraud and
Fraudsters, Bun now Many of the software product based
companies are there who works on that and provides telecom
FMS solutions. Subex and HP is one of the leading
industries in Telecom FMS. There softwares workes on CDR's
and Detects the Fraud and Fraudsters, and there softwares
are not only implemented only in india, but they are one
among the world leader in Telecom FMS.

Subex is one of the India based MNC. Which having the
product Ranger.

(If any question related to Telecom FMS then mail me on with the subject Telecom FMS

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