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. The purpose of imposing tax is primarily to:

(1) Check accumulation of wealth

(2) Decrease black money

(3) Restrict flow of money

(4) Finance the government

. The purpose of imposing tax is primarily to: (1) Check accumulation of wealth (2) Decrease b..

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( 4 ) Finance the government

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. Which one of the following is an artificial harbour? (1) Kandla (2) Madras (3) Bombay (4) Kakinada

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. The Ganga-Indus plain widens (1) From east to west (2) At the middle (3) From west to east (4) None

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. The recommendations of S.R.C. were implemented in (1) 1954 (2) 1955 (3) 1956 (4) 1957

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. Which State is facing the problem of soil erosion? (1) Andhra Pradesh (2) Kerala (3) Nagaland (4) M.P.

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. The most renewed literary genius of Akbar’s reign was (1) Faizi (2) Abul Fazi (3) Abdul Qadir (4) Nagib-Khan

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Who translated the lecturers of Bipin Chandrapal? (a) Gurajada Appa Rao (b) Chilakamarthi Lakshmi Narasimham (c) Veeresalingam Panthulu (d) Nyayapati Subba Rao

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. The first factory established by the French in India in 1668 was at (1) Bombay (2) Ahmedabad (3) Surat (4) Calcutta

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. Which union Territory has a Legislature Chief Minister and Ministers (1) Delhi (2) Pondicherry (3) Chandigarh (4) All the above

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Harihara and Bukka, the sons of Sangama, were the founders of the Vijayanagara Kingdom. In whose court they served first? (a) The Hoyasalas of Dwara samundra (b) The Kakatiyas of warangal (c) Muhammad-bin-thughluq (d) In the court of Kampili

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The founder of English daily Swarajya was: (a) Dr. Pattabhi (b) T. Prakasam (c) Anandacharlu (d) K. Venkatappaiah

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Hi Everybody.Im having Glasses because of sight.I want to apply for Group-I exams.Any body can you tell me plz Is dere any chance to apply

0 Answers   APPSC,

The famous dvipada Kavya in the Telugu literature is (a) Ranganatha-ramayana (b) Basava-puranamu (c) Nirvachanottara Ramayana (d) Bhaskara – Ramayana

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