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. When the price of a commodity is higher than the
controlled price, it is known as

(1) Overdue price

(2) Fair price

(3) Black-market price

(4) Surplus price

. When the price of a commodity is higher than the controlled price, it is known as (1) Overdue ..

Answer / guest

( 3 ) Black-market price

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The first telugu journal was (a) Satya doota (b) Krishna Patrika (c) Andhra Prakasika (d) None

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. Railways were started in India by (1) Dalhousie (2) Cornwallis (3) Bentinck (4) Ripon

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. The term of President of India is (1) 3 years (2) 4 years (3) 5 years (4) 7 years

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Can a public sector unit employee [Govt of India]could write departmental tests conducting by APPSC or not.

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Which of the following holy place is popularly called Dakshina Kasi : (a) Sresailam (b) Annavaram (c) Alampur (d) Yadagiri

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Which of the following natural regions is known as the ‘bread basket’ of the world? (1) The Steppe region (2) The Mediterranean region (3) The Monsoon region (4) The Equatorial region

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The ‘TRYSEM’ programme deals with (1) Training of young scientists for employment (2) Training of rural youth for self employment (3) Training of young students for employment (4) Training of SC and ST youth for self reliance

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. The period of validity of an ordinance issued by the President is (1) Six weeks from the re-assembly of the Parliament (2) Six months (3) Three months (4) Four months

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. ‘Gadhasapta Sathi’ was written by (1) Kalidas (2) Hala (3) Satakarni (4) Harsha

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. Alexander had to fight the most important battle on the Indian soil at (1) Tallikota (2) Tarain (3) Panipat (4) Taxila

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Who of the following was the first Mughal ruler to introduce prohibition? (1) Babur (2) Akbar (3) Humayun (4) Jahangir

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‘Perini’, is a dance form of Sivatandavam which flourished during the times of the Kakatiyas. Who of the following dance masters helped revive it in recent times? (1) Vedantham Satyanarayana Sarma (2) Nataraja Ramakrishna (3) Yamini Krishna Murthy (4) Radha and Raja Reddy

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