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. Which one of the following is an indirect tax?

(1) Land revenue

(2) Income Tax

(3) Import duty

(4) Estate duty

. Which one of the following is an indirect tax? (1) Land revenue (2) Income Tax (3) Import..

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( 4 ) Estate duty

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Dear sir/Madem this is vinayak.I am preparing for assistant statistical officer pls if any body have the bits for stats and computers send to my KINDLY DO THE NEED FULL.

1 Answers  

in which type of rock are coal and petroleum found

1 Answers   Coal India, State Bank Of India SBI,

. In which district Mica mines are situated in Andhra Pradesh? (1) Cuddapah Dist. (2) Chittoor Dist. (3) Krishna Dist. (4) Nellore Dist.

3 Answers   Infotech,

i want to know the previous papers of asst statical officers and also coaching centers in hyderabad

0 Answers  

. Babur was born in 1483 at (1) Farghana (2) Kabul (3) Samarqand (4) Tashkent

1 Answers  

. Capital-intensive industries cause : (1) Increase in capital (2) Unemployment (3) Vast employment opportunities (4) None

1 Answers  

The passage of a money bill may be delayed by the Rajya Sabha for a maximum period of (1) Ten days (2) Fourteen days (3) Fifteen days (4) One month

4 Answers  

Gandhi under took the tour of the Andhra in the company of: (a) Rama Chandra Rao (b) Kodali Anjaneyulu (c) K. Venkatappaiah (d) T. Prakasham Pantulu

2 Answers  

. In which of the following points is the Indian constitution similar to that of U.S.A. (1) Fundamental rights (2) Rule of Law (3) Directive principles of state policy (4) Rigid constitution

1 Answers  

Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched? (1) Article 18 - Abolition of antouchability (2) Article 17 - Abolition of titles (3) Article 15 - Prohibition of discrimination (4) Article 22 - Personal liberty

1 Answers  

Which of the following natural regions is known as the ‘bread basket’ of the world? (1) The Steppe region (2) The Mediterranean region (3) The Monsoon region (4) The Equatorial region

6 Answers   NTSE, SSC,

Yeast is used in the making of bread because it produces (1) Carbon dioxide (2) Sugar (3) Bacteria (4) Oxygen

3 Answers