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. Which one of the following would be called a capital goods

(1) Tea

(2) Paddy

(3) Sugar

(4) Cotton textiles

. Which one of the following would be called a capital goods industry? (1) Tea (2) Paddy (..

Answer / guest

( 4 ) Cotton textiles

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hi i applied for govt ploytech lecturer for which i have to prepare but i donot know model of paper of this post.can u send model papers.

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. The Budget is presented to the Parliament on (1) The last day of March (2) The last working day of Feb. (3) 15th March (4) 1st April

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The Ranbir Sena is (1) A Naxalite faction (2) A private army of landlords (3) A group of Bhudan activists (4) An NGO

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. The UPSC consists of a Chairman and (1) Eight other members (2) Eleven other members (3) Six other members (4) Indefenite members

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. The maximum effect of direct taxes is on (1) Price of food (2) Income (3) Capital goods (4) Consumer goods

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. Why are most of the oil refineries of India confined to the coastal areas? (1) Oil is exported (2) Crude oil is imported from other countries (3) There is greater consumption of oil at the ports (4) Saline water is required for the refineries

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. Which one of the following is a rabi crop ? (1) Wheat & Mustard (2) Rice (3) Gram & Linseed (4) Both 1 & 3

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Stainless steel is an alloy of (1) Iron and Nickel (2) Iron, Chromium and Nickel (3) Iron, Chromium and Zinc (4) Iron and Manganese

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Which of the following places are noted for carpet making : (a) Ellora (b) Warangal (c) Kurnool (d) A & B

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. The main cause of Alexander’s success in India was that (1) He had a superior army (2) There was no central power in India (3) He was a good administrator (4) None

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. India gets the bulk of its power from …………. Source (1) Hydro (2) Thermal (3) Nuclear (4) Tidal

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The first Chalukya Chola emperor was (a) Rajendra I (b) Rajaraja the Great (c) Kulottunga I (d) Ammaraja

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