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. Fundamental duties do not enjoy any

(1) Social sanction

(2) Moral sanction

(3) Political sanction

(4) Legal sanction

. Fundamental duties do not enjoy any (1) Social sanction (2) Moral sanction (3) Political ..

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( 4 ) Legal sanction

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hi i applied for govt ploytech lecturer for which i have to prepare but i donot know model of paper of this post.can u send model papers.

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. Who, among the following assumed the title of Vikramaditya? (1) Bhanugupta (2) Chandragupta II (3) Harshavardhana (4) Skandagupta

2 Answers  

The ‘TRYSEM’ programme deals with (1) Training of young scientists for employment (2) Training of rural youth for self employment (3) Training of young students for employment (4) Training of SC and ST youth for self reliance

2 Answers  

. Chief Minister of Madras in November 1932 was (1) Raja of Vijayanagaram (2) Raja of Bobbili (3) Kattamanchi Ramalinga Reddy (4) None

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Which of the following will fall at a faster speed in vacuum? (1) A piece of wood (2) A ball of iron (3) A football (4) None will fall

2 Answers  

Who was first Delhi Sultan, who attacked Warangal? (a) Mahammad Bin Tughlaq (b) Malik Kafur (c) Allauddin Khilji (d) None

1 Answers  

The founder of the Vijayanagara empire worked under: (a) Reddy kings (b) The Velamas (c) Prataparudra of Kakatiya dynasty (d) None

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Who was the founder of the Sunga dynasty? (1) Pushyamitra (2) Sagamitra (3) Dantivaman (4) Yasovarman

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i am swathi i have cleared the amvi written exam and i have recently got the LMV licence and i dont have experience IN LMV but i have 3 yrs experience in two i eligible for this post.can anybody plz inform me as early as possible bcoz i have certificates verification on 27 of dis month

5 Answers  

. The inter-state council with advise upon disputes between the states can be appointed by (1) The President (2) The Planning Commission (3) The Parliament (4) Any of these

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Shershah built … in old Delhi (a) Buland Darwaja (b) Lal Qila (c) Purana Qila (d) Jammu Masque

3 Answers  

In Palanati battle Kakatiyas helped to: (a) Malideva (b) Nalagama (c) Brahmanaidu (d) None

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