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. Which of the following can be the ground to remove the
Judge of the supreme court

(1) Provide misbehaviour of incapacity

(2) Giving judgement against the government

(3) Giving opinion on the Bill pending in Lok Sabha

(4) None

. Which of the following can be the ground to remove the Judge of the supreme court (1) Provide ..

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( 1 ) Provide misbehaviour of incapacity

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The emblem on Satavahanas coins is: (a) Bull (b) Ship (c) Peacock (d) Crown

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Bipin Chandrapal toured Andhra in: (a) April 1907 (b) March 1906 (c) December 1907 (d) January 1905

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The Ramakrishna Mission is established by (a) Rama Krishna (b) Vivekananda (c) Annie Besant (d) None

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Use of energy requirements (calorie) as a measure of poverty in India was made for the first time by (1) Dandekar and Rath (2) Amartya Sen (3) Planning Commission (4) T.N. Sreenivasan

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Gerisham Character was introduced by: (a) Unnava Lakshminarayana (b) Guruzada (c) Tapi Dharma Rao (d) K. Lakshman Rao

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Which of the following is the most important source of revenue for the states in India? (1) Sales tax (2) Customs duties (3) Land revenue (4) Profession tax

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please provide me the syllabus for drug inspector entrance examination under appsc(andhra pradesh public service commision)

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. Who was the first Muslim ruler who imposed Jaziya on Brahmans? (1) Firoz Shah (2) Iltutmish (3) Ala-ud-din (4) Balban

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. Ahmed Shah Abdali, one of Nadir Shah’s ablest Generals, fought the Third Battle of Panipat in 1761 and defeated the (1) Jats (2) Marathas (3) Rajputs (4) Sikhs

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The name ‘Andhra’ was mentioned for the first time in: (a) Aitereya Brahmana (1000 B.C.) (b) Rigveda (c) Titireya Brahmana (d) Andhravan Vada

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Which of the following materials is combustive just on the tip of a safety match-stick? (1) Manganese dioxide (2) Antimony sulphide (3) Sulphur (4) Phosphorus

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