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. At the core of earth, the temperature is estimated to be

(1) 1,0000C

(2) 1,2000C

(3) 2,0000C

(4) 2,6000C

. At the core of earth, the temperature is estimated to be around (1) 1,0000C (2) 1,2000C ..

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( 3 ) 2,0000C

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. The maximum period the Rajya Sabha can retain a Money Bill is (1) One month (2) Six months (3) Fourteen days (4) One week

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. India is claimed to be home land of (1) Sugar cane (2) Wheat (3) Maize (4) Paddy

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. Third Battle of Panipat was fought between (1) Akbar and Hemu (2) Marathas and Aurangzeb (3) Marathas and Ahmed Shah Abdali (4) Marathas and Nizam

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. Our constitution came into force on (1) 26th November, 1949 (2) 15th August, 1945 (3) 26th January, 1950 (4) 1st January, 1952

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. Which one of the following is an important geographical factor in the location of an industry? (1) Availability of raw materials (2) Power resources & transport facilities (3) Water, labour & Market (4) All the three

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. Black soils are found in (1) Eastern and central Peninsula (2) Western part of the Deccan (Maharashtra) (3) Valleys of the Himalayas (4) None

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Which Delhi Sultan defeated Prataparudra and arrested him? (a) Malik Kafur (b) Allauddin Khilji (c) Md. Bin Tughlaq (d) None

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. The Chola empire came to be extinguished finally with the invasion of (1) Akbar (2) Babar (3) Ala-ud-din (4) Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq

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Whom did the British contact to establish a factory at Machilipatnam in 1611? (a) Reddy Rajas (b) Ruler of Golkonda (c) Kings of Kakatiya dynasty (d) None

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Which of the following sources of the early period has mentioned about Telugus? (1) Rigveda (2) Arthasastra (3) Rajatarangini (4) Itareya Brahmana

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