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. Which one of the following is not a mineral

(1) Slate

(2) Limestone

(3) Mica

(4) Calcite

. Which one of the following is not a mineral (1) Slate (2) Limestone (3) Mica (4) Calci..

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( 4 ) Calcite

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Rudrama gave his daughter in marriage to: (a) Prataparudra (b) Pola Raju (c) Bendapudi Annayya (d) Beta Raju

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Sir, I am writting Assistant statistical officer exam and i need eligibilty criteria.Actually i have done my graduation in,i want needful information.

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The sum of the firs five odd numbers I (1) 15 (2) 25 (3) 16 (4) 18

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. Jute mills are mostly concentrated in (1) Calcutta (W.Bengal) (2) A.P. (3) M.P. (4) U.P.

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. Ashoka Silla is rock edict in (1) Junagarh (2) Bihar (3) Orissa (4) Madhya Pradesh

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. The Kingdom of Shivaji was also called (1) Empire of Shivaji (2) Provinces of Shivaji (3) Swaraj territory (4) Swaraj committee

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The name ‘Pakistan’ was coined by (1) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan (2) Mohammad Ali Jinnah (3) Mohammad Iqbal (4) Azad

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Who was the person debarred from employment during Pals visit? (a) T. Sree Ramulu (b) K. Hanumantha Rao (c) Gadicharla Harisarvothama Rao (d) Bapi Raju

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The Greek Ambassdar who referred to the Andhras as the Subordinates of the Mauryas. (a) Selucus (b) Demosthanis (c) Megasthanese (d) Justin

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Draksharamam temple is located in: (a) West Godavari (b) East Godavari (c) Krishna (d) Vijayawada

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. Name of Lord Curzon is associated with (1) Land reform measures (2) Partition of Bengal (3) Military reforms (4) Local self Government measures

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The salankayanas ruled the (a) Krishna valley (b) Vengi region (c) Nagarjunakonda (d) Godavari valley

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