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. On which river has the ‘Pang Dam’ been constructed.

(1) Beas

(2) Sutlez

(3) Ganga

(4) Kaveri

. On which river has the ‘Pang Dam’ been constructed. (1) Beas (2) Sutlez (3) Ganga ..

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( 1 ) Beas

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When did the British land at Surat? (a) 1608 (b) 1650 (c) 1690 (d) 1720

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The ‘Ramadandu’ were (a) The village body-guards (b) Volunteer corps raised by the congress (c) Volunteer corps raised by D. Gopala Krishnaiah (d) All the above

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The most abundantly found metal in the human body is (1) Iron (2) Sodium (3) Calcium (4) Magnesium

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. Large number of fish are found on the western coast of the deserts in the tropical region this is because (1) The hot-dry climate is more suitable for fish (2) Up-welling of cold waters from the bottom of the sea provide abundant food for fish (3) Fish in large numbers come up from the sea bottom (4) Clear sunshine attracts fish in large numbers

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Who of the following has been appointed recently as the Vice-Chancellor of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University in Andhra Pradesh. (1) Professor V.S. Prasad (2) Professor Ravva Srihari (3) Professor N. Gopi (4) Professor Y. Venkatrami Reddy

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. Which of the following agents of gradation is responsible for the formation of ‘Barkhans’? (1) Glaciers (2) Running water (3) Waves (4) Wind

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. The winter rain in Madras is caused by (1) South-West Monsoon (2) North east Monsoon (3) Chinnook (4) All the above

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. The first Battle of Tarain was fought between (1) Prithvi Raj and Jaipal (2) Prithvi Raj and Mohammad Ghori (3) Prithvi Raj and Yashodharaman (4) King Bhoja and Mohammad Ghori

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The first woman in Andhra who discarded foreign clothes and wear Khaddar clothes during the Andhra tour of Gandhiji was (a) Maganti Lakshmi (b) Magant Annpurnamma (c) Poorna Tilakam (d) D. Subbamma

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According to the Constitution of India, the freedom to form association may be restricted in the interest of (1) The security of India (2) Friendly relations with foreign countries (3) Contempt of court (4) Public order

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where can i find the APPSC group1&2 notification,syllabus

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. The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces is (1) Field Marshal (2) Chief of the Army Staff (3) The President (4) The Prime Minister

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