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. Prithvi Raj, the Rajput ruler of Delhi belonged to the
dynast of

(1) Chathans

(2) Chandelas

(3) Tomar

(4) Pandyas

. Prithvi Raj, the Rajput ruler of Delhi belonged to the dynast of (1) Chathans (2) Chandelas..

Answer / guest

( 1 ) Chathans

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Marcopolo visited Orugallu during the regime of: (a) Rudrama Devi (b) Pola Raja-II (c) Pratapa Rudra (d) Ganapathideva

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. The Aryans came to India from (1) The east (2) The north (3) From the west (4) From the south

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. Inflation means (1) Falling prices (2) Rising prices (3) Low prices (4) Very high prices

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. Which of the following terms can aptly be substituted for ‘lack of proper nutrition’? (1) Fasting (2) Indigestion (3) Malnutrition (4) Starvation

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The Nizam of Hyderabad, Afzal-u-Dowla, supported the company at the time of the revolt. In return the Nizam Got, (a) The districts of Osmanabad and Raichur (b) Protection from the English (c) The Province of Berar (d) Financial assistance from the English

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Hi i am ashok.i have applied for DAO,but i couldnt get find the exam date any where in the site.will any one please let me know the exam date as wel as the exam papers(for pattern).

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. The first Vice Chanceller of Andhra University (1) S. Radha Krishnan (2) K. Ramalinga Reddy (3) Bullaiah (4) Harisarvothama Rao

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. Most densely populated state in India is (1) U.P. (2) Bihar (3) Kerala (4) M.P.

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Muhammad Quli Qutub was a great builder he builds (a) Charminar (b) Jami Masjid (c) Chananamahal (d) All the above

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. What type of winds are the monsoons? (1) Periodic (2) Cyclonic (3) Constant (4) Anti-cyclonic

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Who was the Guru of Ganapathi deva? (a) Panditaradhya (b) Sripathi (c) Palkurki Somanath (d) Vishneswara Shanbhuv

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