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. Which Bill came to be called “Black Bill” by the Indians
during the freedom movement?

(1) Permanent settlement Bill

(2) Minto-morley Reforms

(3) Rowlatt Bill

(4) Montague-Chelmsford Reforms

. Which Bill came to be called “Black Bill” by the Indians during the freedom movement? (1) ..

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( 3 ) Rowlatt Bill

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Which one of the following indicators that Salarjung improved education in the state of Hyderabad (a) City High School (b) Chaderghat High School (c) Both the above (d) None of the above

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. The small kingdom in the Himalayas which is an Indian protectorate is (1) Sikkim (2) Bhutan (3) Nepal (4) Magnolia

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. Which one of the following persons is regarded as the father of political science (1) Aristotle (2) Rousseau (3) Laski (4) Woodrow Wilson

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What is the ore of aluminium known as? (1) Bauxite (2) Haematite (3) Calcium (4) Carbide

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Disguised unemployment refers to (1) Persons no willing to work (2) Persons wit no work (3) More persons employed for a job which few can perform (4) Unemployment of people above 60 years of age

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when will be the Group IV Exams? how can we prepare?

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. The highest mountain peak in India is (1) Everest (2) Nanda Devi (3) Kanchenjunga (4) Badrinath

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. The largest desert in the world is (1) Sahara (2) Thar (3) Gobi (4) Patagonia

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Capital of the Satavahanas was: (a) Pratisthana (b) Amaravathi (c) Warangal (d) None

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. Amukta Malyada, a Kavya of great literary merit was written by (1) Rama Raju (2) Srinadha (3) Krishnadevaraya (4) Immadi Narasimha

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The prestigious Dr. Nayudamma memorial Award 2000 was announced on 24 October, 2001. Who got it? (1) Dr. V.K. Atre (2) Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (3) Dr. P. Chidambaram (4) Dr. U.R. Rao

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please tell me Group-2 REFERENCE BOOKS

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