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. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. This inspiration was
derived from

(1) Russion Revolution

(2) French Revolution

(3) American Revolution

(4) Indian Revolution

. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. This inspiration was derived from (1) Russion Revolution ..

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( 2 ) French Revolution

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The overall aim of the economic planning in India has been (1) Growth with social justice (2) Increasing national income (3) Increasing industrial output (4) Generation of rural employment

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WHERE CAN I GET THE PREVIOUS QUESTION PAPERS OF Govt Polytechnic Lecturer post for the notification no 18/2008

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In India, the right to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice is available to (1) All minorities based on religion (2) All minorities based on religion and language (3) All minorities based on language and region (4) All minorities based on religion and culture

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DEAR ALL I need some information regarding Assistant Motor vehicle Inspector recruitment details, that when the notification comes and eligibility for that exam. who are eligible for that test. Thanks Ram

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A jet engine works according to the principle of (1) Mass (2) Energy (3) Linearmomentum (4) Angular momentum

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Chief Minister of Madras in November 1932 was: (a) Raja of Vijayanagaram (b) Raja of Bobbili (c) Kattamanchi Ramalinga Reddy (d) None

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. The most renewed literary figure of Hindi during Akbar’s reign was (1) Birbal (2) Tulsidas (3) Jaysi (4) Surdas

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. Nuclear power stations are located at (1) Rarapur (maharashtra) (2) Kota (Rajasthan) (3) Kalpakam (near Madras) and Narora (U.P.) (4) All the three

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. Who among the following, is regarded as the great Hindu law giver? (1) Banabhatta (2) Manu (3) Panini (4) Shankaracharya

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The number of rational numbers between 2 and 5 is (1) One (2) Two (3) Infinite (4) None of the above

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The Indian language which emerged due to the Persian influence is (a) Sanskrit (b) Telugu (c) Tamil (d) Urdu

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I applied for APPSC DAO post. Is the DAO Question paper is in English (or) Telugu (or) Both Languages? Plz reply friends

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