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. The new system introduced by Akbar in Military
organization is called

(1) Jagirdari system

(2) Ryotwari system

(3) Munsabdari system

(4) Zamindari system

. The new system introduced by Akbar in Military organization is called (1) Jagirdari system ..

Answer / guest

( 3 ) Munsabdari system

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Who was the last ruler of the first dynasty? (a) Saluva Narasimha (b) Immadi Narasimha (c) Viru Paksha (d) Vira Naasimha

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Who was the foreign pilgrim that visited Pulakesin’s court? (a) Pahiyan (b) Yuan-tsang (c) Nikalo konti (d) None

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. Shivaji was succeeded on his throne by (1) Tara Bai (2) Raja Ram (3) Sambhaji (4) None

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Which of the following is the highest hill station in Maharashtra ? (1) Mahabaleshwar (2) Panchagani (3) Matherna (4) Chikaldara

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. Which one of the following persons is regarded as the father of political science (1) Aristotle (2) Rousseau (3) Laski (4) Woodrow Wilson

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Who was Kubja Vishnuvardhana (a) Son of Pulakesi II (b) Brother of Pulakesi II (c) Son-in-law of Pulakesi II (d) None

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Indian Federal System is largely based on the pattern of (1) Swiss Federalism (2) American Federalism (3) Australian Federalism (4) Canadian Federalism

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. The winter rain in Madras is caused by (1) South-West Monsoon (2) North east Monsoon (3) Chinnook (4) All the above

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The Taj Mahal was built by (1) Jahangir (2) Akbar (3) Shershah (4) Shahjahan

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. The solar eclipse occur when (1) The Moon comes in between the Sun and the Earth (2) The Earth comes in between the Sun and the Moon (3) The Moon, the Sun and the Earth are in a straight line (4) None

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. India is leading producer of (1) Tea (2) Jute (3) Coffee (4) Cotton

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. The Vice-President of India is (1) Appointed by the President (2) Elected by the people (3) Elected by Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha (4) Elected by State Legislatures

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