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'Missing Data Provider or Data Packet' . what does this
error mean?

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'Missing Data Provider or Data Packet' . what does this error mean?..

Answer / nenad

Furthermore if you close and reopen the dataset you mut call
SetProvider for each new reopen.

Write and use a adaptor class and override the SetActive
method to call SetProvider to make this dbx requirement

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'Missing Data Provider or Data Packet' . what does this error mean?..

Answer / krishna kishore

When a Datasetprovider is assigned to a ClientDataset the
developer should explicitly specify the name of the
Datasetprovider as follows

DatasetProvider.Name := 'my_Provider';

ClientDataSet.ProviderName := DatasetProvider.Name;

If the name is not specified the error "Missing Data
Provider or Data Packet" occurs.

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