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What is called Greenhouse effect ?

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What is called Greenhouse effect ?..

Answer / yash

Basically greenhouse effect has two contradictory
meaning.One is positive and a negetive. The positive meaning
(which is usefull) states that it is a phenomenon which
helps ,basically, to retain heat. this type of phenomenon
is used in areas where heat cannot be retained and
agriculture is not possible (in colder regions of the
world ), that is why greenhouses are build(with roof of
glass). These glass roof allows heat to enter greenhouse
(through sun rays) but being bad conductor of heat
restricts the escape of the retained heat, which allows
plants to grow inspite of cold atmosphere, snow and frezed
soil. On the other hand negetive aspects shows that
harmfull gases like CO2,CO , NO2 gets deposited into the
atmosphere . Earth gets constantly heated due to sun rays
falling on it. Ozone layer helps to eliminate the
excessively generated heat which in turn regulates the
earth's atmosphere. But these gases(also called greenhouse
gases) being traped , does not allow to escapes the heat
which in turn increses the earth's amosphere.

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What is called Greenhouse effect ?..

Answer / biomaster

plants release co2 during respiration.infrared rays in the
atmosphere increases the temperature and this is called
global warming.

the co2 whichis released by plants absorbs the infrared
rays and helps in cooling the environment. this is called
greenhouse effect.

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What is called Greenhouse effect ?..

Answer / anand

in greenhouse effect simply earth find itself unable to release the heat gained during day hours which automatically increases the net temperature of earth.The gases responsible for it also called Greenhouse gases which are co2,co and no2,

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What is called Greenhouse effect ?..

Answer / balaji

carbon dioxide(emitted by plants) and monoxide(emitted by
vehicles)etc. traps the uv radiation from the sunlight and
make the global temparature to increase. this effect is
called green house effect. it has some advantages and
disadvantages. it is the reason for global warming.

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What is called Greenhouse effect ?..

Answer / honey

inc in amt of Co2

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