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The Reddi Kingdom was established

(a) To check the rise of Islam

(b) To protect the Hindu Dharma and culture

(c) To establish the supremecy of the Reddis

(d) A & B

The Reddi Kingdom was established (a) To check the rise of Islam (b) To protect the Hindu Dhar..

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( d ) A & B

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. The price of a commodity in the open market is determined by its (1) Seller (2) Marginal utility (3) Cost of Production (4) Demand and Supply together

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The Chairman of the National Commission of Human Rights is (1) Justice V.R. Varm (2) Justice Anand (3) Justice V.R. Krishna Ayyer (4) Justice Jayachandra Reddy

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. India’s principal foreign exchange earner is (1) Rubber (2) Tea (3) Coffee (4) Cotton

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Yogadarsana was written by: (a) Jaimini (b) Patanjali (c) Barayana (d) Sankara

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The great Buddhist scholar and philosopher and contemporary of yagnasri Satakarni was, (a) Acharya Nagarjuna (b) Gunadhya (c) Buddhagosha (d) Hala

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Who were responsible for the fall of the Ikshvakus? (a) Salankayanas (b) Pallavas (c) Abhiras (d) Ananda gotrins

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Who is the Chairman of the Estimates Committee in the Parliament at present? (1) Raj Singh Chauhan (2) Umareddy Venkateswarlu (3) Yerrannaidu (4) Bidyuthnath Sinha

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Krishnadeva Raya ascended the throne in: (a) 1336 (b) 1356 (c) 1509 (d) 1556

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. What will be the Representative Fraction (R.F.) of the statement of scale 1 cm to 40 km? (1) 1,40,000,000 (2) 1.4,000,000 (3) 14,00,000 (4) 1,40,000

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. The most intelligent animal is (1) Elephant (2) Monkey (3) Chimpanzee (4) Dog

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. Grass lands of South Brazil are known as (1) Champas (2) Pampas (3) Downs (4) Veld

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. The most important among the eight giants in Krishnadeva Raya’s court was (1) Nandi Timmana (2) Tenali Ramakrishna (3) Dhoorjati (4) Allasani Peddana

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