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Charaka and Susruta are the Ayurvedic books flourished in
….. period.

(a) Satavahana

(b) Gupta

(c) Nanda

(d) None

Charaka and Susruta are the Ayurvedic books flourished in ….. period. (a) Satavahana (b) Gu..

Answer / guest

( b ) Gupta

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Who was first Delhi Sultan, who attacked Warangal? (a) Mahammad Bin Tughlaq (b) Malik Kafur (c) Allauddin Khilji (d) None

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Who assumed the leadership of the Quit India Movement after the arrest of all the great leaders? (1) Sarojini Naidu (2) Aruna Asaf Ali (3) Annie Besant (4) Vijayalaxmi Pandit

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. Kabir was a (1) Weaver (2) Spinner (3) Plumber (4) Carpenter

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The Eastern Chalukyan king responsible for the construction of the Bhimesvara temple at Draksharama was (a) Bhima I (b) Bhima II (c) Ammaraja I (d) Ammaraja II

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Which of the following frits is a berry? (1) Banana (2) Mango (3) Pineapple (4) Orange

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. The Chola empire came to be extinguished finally with the invasion of (1) Akbar (2) Babar (3) Ala-ud-din (4) Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq

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The National Stock Exchange functions from (1) New Delhi (2) Mumbai (3) Nagpur (4) Kolkata

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The leader of the no-tax compaign was: (a) Konda Venkatappayya (b) N.G. Ranga (c) Parvataneni Virayya Chowdari (d) All the above

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. The largest Coal deposits of India are available in (1) Satpura Basin (2) Damodar Valley (3) Godavari Valley (4) None

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. The Chairman of the Rajya Sabha is (1) The President (2) The Vice-President (3) The Prime Minister (4) The Home Minister

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How many US Presidents have visited India so far? (1) Two (2) Three (3) Five (4) Four

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