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Who started a Journal Vyjayanti?

(a) K. Nageeswar Rao

(b) T. Prakasam

(c) Anandacharlu

(d) Duggiriala Gopala Krishnaiah

Who started a Journal Vyjayanti? (a) K. Nageeswar Rao (b) T. Prakasam (c) Anandacharlu (..

Answer / guest

( c ) Anandacharlu

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. On 21st December, the duration of daylight at a place on earth, with latitude 660300 N and angle of incidence 00 of the Sun’s ray is (1) 7 hours and 42 minutes (2) 13 hours and 27 minutes (3) Zero hours (4) 10 hours and 33 minutes

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Machilipatnam was famous for : (a) Textile industry (b) Diamonds & Rubies (c) Both A & B (d) None

1 Answers   IBM,

The subjects that were taught in the famous educational centers were: (a) The Vedas and the puranas (b) Logic and grammer (c) Politics and Astrology (d) All the three

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In which state has the petro-chemical industry developed most in India? (1) West Bengal (2) Bihar (3) Gujarat (4) Tamil Nadu

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. The method of proportional representation is adopted in the election of (1) The President (2) The Prime Minister (3) The Governor (4) Chief Justice of India

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The father of Andhra renaissance was (a) P. Ananda charyulu (b) Veeresalingam pantulu (c) Bapi Raju (d) Gurimellia Satyanarayana

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. Mudra Rakshas, famous historical drama was written by (1) Kautilya (2) Ajata Satru (3) Visakhadatt (4) Bana

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The largest rice producing state in India is (1) West Bengal (2) Kerala (3) Uttar Pradesh (4) Bihar

27 Answers   BDA, IXL, TCS, UPPSC Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission,

. The deepest mine in the world (about 4 km deep) is in the Continent of (1) Africa (2) Asia (3) North America (4) South America

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Malaria is caused by the parasite (1) Mosquito (2) Plasmodium (3) Entamoeba (4) Trypanosoma

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. The first Battle of Tarain was fought between (1) Prithvi Raj and Jaipal (2) Prithvi Raj and Mohammad Ghori (3) Prithvi Raj and Yashodharaman (4) King Bhoja and Mohammad Ghori

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