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What is hashing principle in java?

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how to create multithreaded program? Explain different ways of using thread? When a thread is created and started, what is its initial state? Or extending thread class or implementing runnable interface. Which is better? : Java thread

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Discuss about garbage collector in Java.

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can we declare private class in java file?

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Why is stringbuffer not immutable?

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What is java argument list?

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I want to persist data of objects for later use. What’s the best approach to do so?

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A person says that he compiled a java class successfully without even having a main method in it? Is it possible?

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What is the syntax and characteristics of a lambda expression?

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What is nullpointerexception?

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Explain about the performance aspects of core java?

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what is multithreading?

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enlist some features of jdk.

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