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Are arrays dynamic in java?

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How do you set security in applets?

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how to handle exceptions in ejb?

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What is the class in java?

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Difference between vector and arraylist.

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Which of the following can be referenced by a variable? A. The instance variables of a class only B. The methods of a class only C. The instance variables and methods of a class

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all are saying java doesn't support multiple inheritance but by default Object class is super class for all the user defined classes and we can extend atmost one class so each class can extend more than one class so java supports multiple inheritance?i am confused with this,pls any one explain me.

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Can classes declared using the abstract keyword cab be instantiated?

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What is the Scope of Static Variable?

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What is t in generics in java?

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What is the difference between delete and delete[]

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How to eliminate duplicates from an array?

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Explain java thread life cycle.

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