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Who was the most oppressive King among the Reddy Kings:

(a) Prolaya Vema Reddy

(b) Anavema Reddy

(c) Rachavema Reddy

(d) None

Who was the most oppressive King among the Reddy Kings: (a) Prolaya Vema Reddy (b) Anavema Red..

Answer / guest

( c ) Rachavema Reddy

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The main object of the Bala Bharati Samiti started by the youth of Rajahmundry was (a) To quicken the public opinion (b) To promoe the cause of Swadeshi movement (c) To make the National Movement Strong (d) None

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. Which of the following states has a separate constitution (1) Jammu and Kashmir (2) Sikkim (3) Nagaland (4) Meghalaya

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i want to know the previous papers of asst statical officers and also coaching centers in hyderabad

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Who was the greatest ruler of Kakatiyas? (a) Ganapathideva (b) Prataparudra (c) Rudramadevi (d) Rudradeva

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How many districts are there in Andhra Pradesh? (a) 20 (b) 22 (c) 23 (d) 24

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. In India, diamonds are found at (1) Panna M.P. (2) Kolar (Kerala) (3) Khetri (Rajasthan) (4) None

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. The biggest island in the world is (1) Borneo (2) Sumatra (3) New Guinea (4) Galapagos

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Who were the two scholars that were patronized by Vikramadhitya VI? (a) Bilhana (b) Vijnaneswara the author of the Mitakshara system of Hindu law (c) Tikkana (d) Both A & B

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. The biggest state in India is (1) U.P. (2) M.P. (3) Bihar (4) A.P.

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Tobacco industry is mostly grown in : (a) Guntur (b) Kurnoor (c) East Godavari (d) None

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‘Subsidies’ means (1) Payment by Government for purchase of goods and services (2) Payment by the business sector to factors of production (3) Payment by shareholders (4) Payment by Government to the business sector

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Who won the Nobel Prize for Economics for the year 1999? (1) Daniel T. Tsui (2) Robert Mundell (3) Robert B. Laughlin (4) Amartya Sen

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