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What is the value of uninitialized variable in c?

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what are the advantage and disadvantage of recursion

5 Answers  

Explain that why C is procedural?

0 Answers   Maveric, Verifone,

What is assignment operator?

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How does free() know how many bytes to free?

8 Answers  

What is the difference between new and malloc functions?

0 Answers   InterGraph,

. Consider the following program main() { int a[5]={1,3,6,7,0}; int *b; b=&a[2]; } The value of b[-1] is (A) 1 (B) 3 (C) -6 (D) none

9 Answers   Oracle,

Does free set pointer to null?

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In C language, the variables NAME, name, and Name are all the same. TRUE or FALSE?

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In c programming language, how many parameters can be passed to a function ?

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15.what is the disadvantage of using macros? 16.what is the self-referential structure? 17.can a union be self-referenced? 18.What is a pointer? 19.What is the Lvalue and Rvalue? 20.what is the difference between these initializations? 21.Char a[]=”string”; 22.Char *p=”literal”; 23.Does *p++ increment p, or what it points to?

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Explain how can you restore a redirected standard stream?

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write a program that will read the temperature in Celsius and convert that into Fahrenheit.

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