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What is static and volatile in c?

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which of 'arrays' or 'pointers' are faster?

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how do you execute a c program in unix.

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Why array starts with index 0

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What is Heap?

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Eight queens puzzle

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define function

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The program to allow the characters from the input received and send this function to a function check if the characters between letters a to z is a function of y joins as the characters main and output to otherwise return to the original function of the y characters

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Reverse the part of the number which is present from position i to j. Print the new number.[without using the array] eg: num=789876 i=2 j=5 778986

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How can I access memory located at a certain address?

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write c program without semicolon

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What is operator precedence?

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write a program wch produces its own source code aas its output?

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