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What are the advantages of swing?

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What class is at the top of the AWT event hierarchy?

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can we create a object in static block class A { static { A a=new A(); } }

7 Answers   Cap Gemini,

What is the class in swing to change the appearance of the frame in runtime?

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What is a swing application?

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What is the default look and feel of a Swing Component?

3 Answers  

When i m clicking on next another frame is open but i want to hide the previous frame...........but it is not happening....still both frame are to make one frame to hide.......please help me.......

9 Answers  

Explain how to render an html page using only swing.

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what do u mean by GUI framework

1 Answers  

Which layout does swing use by default?

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What is layout in java swing?

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What is import javax swing jframe?

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Is swing thread-safe?

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