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Can you be deported if you are stateless?

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What is difference between stateless and stateful?

0 Answers  

Is ejb a framework?

0 Answers  

Tell me difference between Container managed persistent bean & Bean managed persistent bean?

1 Answers   KPIT,

What is message-driven bean?

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What is Enterprise JavaBeans Query Language (EJB QL)?

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What are the types of enterprise bean?

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Which is more beneficial: CMP or BMP?

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java doesnot support multiple inhetance. but a interface can the ambiguities are rectified in interfaces?

2 Answers   CGI,

absract methods in EntityBean ?

1 Answers  

How does the server decide which beans to passivate and activate?

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What is the difference between message driven beans and stateless session beans?

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What is ejb and its properties?

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