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Is servlet a controller?

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What is the difference between Servlet Request and Servlet Context when calling a Request Dispatcher?

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How can we invoke another servlet in a different application?

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what do you understand by url rewriting?

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Is classes folder is compulsory in web-inf/ even though u r deploying ur application with war file?

3 Answers   Bosch, Cognizant,

how to link html file to sevlet name is textbox,c&c++ is cheakbox,bc&mca is radio button and one submit buttonis ok why in this programme use in servelt file

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How the servlet is loaded?

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How to get the current httpsession object?

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How multiple simultaneous requests can be handled by servlets?

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Difference between httpservlet and generic servlets?

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What is setattribute in servlet?

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What are the types of ServletEngines?

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What is the directory structure of web application?

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