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Is hashset sorted in java?

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What is singletonlist in java?

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Can we change the scope of the overridden method in the subclass?

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Outline the major features of java.

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I have a class which is abstract which contains only the abstract methods. This is similar to an interface. Then, if i have given a choice to choose one of them. Which one i have to choose and why?

4 Answers  

What is final int?

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Package1 and Package2 both have a method name lets say "methodA" with different implementation. When I import both the packages in a java class how can I use both the methods?

7 Answers   Ericsson,

What is unsigned char?

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Does importing a package imports its sub-packages as well in java?

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Hi Friends, I am beginner in java. what i know about synchonized keyword is,If more that one 1 thread tries to access a particular resource we can lock the method using synchronized keyword. Then after that how the lock is released and how next thread access that.Please explain with example.

5 Answers  

difference between byte stream class and character stream class?

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what is mean by String and StringBuffer? What is mean by Methooverriding and Overloading?

2 Answers   Satyam,

What is a buffer in java?

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