What is a protected class in java?

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What are the differences between throw and throws?

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Is it possible to write static method in abstract class? justyfy your answer?

5 Answers   Hexaware,

Should a main method be compulsorily declared in all java classes?

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There are two classes named classa and classb. Both classes are in the same package. Can a private member of classa can be accessed by an object of classb?

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What is type safety in java?

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What is the difference(or similarity if there are some) between object and a variable?

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Write a java program to generate fibonacci series ?

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What is procedure writing?

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What is the size of int?

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In which language JVM (Java Virtual Machine) is implemented

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What is the difference between error and exception and explain in simple words not whatever is given in the book.

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What is float in java?

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