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Is integer passed by reference in java?

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what value will be return by the read() method once it reaches the end-of-file? a. Throws EOException b. Return null c. Return -1 d. Read method return nothing, because it is void method

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Explain break statement and continue statement?

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A abstract class extending an abstract class.Super class has both abstract and non-abstract methods.How can we implement abstract and non-abstract mehtods? Explain with snippet

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explain Anonynous inner class?

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What do you understand by Header linked List?

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Is Cegonsoft Pvt.Ltd. a good Institute?

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What ide should I use for java?

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what is difference between Exception and Error?

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what is the use of declaring constructor as private?

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How do you sort a set in java?

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What does pointer mean?

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What is ternary operator? Give an example.

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