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What is tree node in java?

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how a programmer confirms that the data submitted has been succesfully inserted into the database(either oracle or my sql).. How a programmer confirm if there is any problem with the program he wrote for insertion

2 Answers   SAP Labs,

If an object is garbage collected, can it become reachable again?

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How does thread synchronization occurs inside a monitor?

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How do I run java on windows?

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What restrictions are placed on method overloading and method overriding?

5 Answers  

I have multiple constructors defined in a class. Is it possible to call a constructor from another constructor’s body?

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What do you mean Abstraction in java?

0 Answers   Aspire, Infogain,

Howmany classes that package java.applet.* contains?

1 Answers   TCS,

What package is math in java?

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Can I extend singleton class in java?

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What happens when you invoke a thread’s interrupt method while it is sleeping or waiting?

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Can a for statement loop indefinitely?

3 Answers