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What is structure packing in c?

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There are 3 baskets of fruits with worng lables,one basket has apple,another basket has orange,another has combination of apple and orange,what is the least way of interchange the lables.

15 Answers   Cisco, Google, MBT,

What is the general form of #line preprocessor?

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Device an algorithm for weiler-atherton polygon clipping, where the clipping window can be any specified polygon

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Which of the following are valid "include" formats? A)#include and #include[file.h] B)#include (file.h) and #include C)#include [file.h] and #include "file.h" D)#include <file.h> and #include "file.h"

15 Answers   Accenture,

program to find the ASCII value of a number

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f(x,y,z) { y = y+1; z = z+x; } main() { int a,b; a = 2 b = 2; f(a+b,a,a); print a; } what is the value of 'a' printed

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How important is structure in life?

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Why do we use & in c?

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write a function to find whether a string is palindrome or not and how many palindrome this string contain?

2 Answers   Aptech,

program for comparing 2 strings without strcmp()

4 Answers  

How pointers are declared?

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What is external variable in c?

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