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Tell me what is the equivalent layer or layers of the tcp/ip application layer in terms of osi reference model?

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Which port is reserved for HTTP ?

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True/Flase: Relative domain name (RDN) ends with the dot.

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hi , I m Ajay . i'v done my Bsc in 1997. my age 35 yrs . i'v working knowledge in computer maintinance and installation . it is possible to get job in call center as technical support or system management in companies . i'v also done redhat enterprise linux 4. (RHEL4) course.

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which is the latest versions of bluetooth & WiFi?

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Define rip?

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I have to do a VLAN connection. I have a managed switch 2950 with 48 ports there r 34 pc connected through switch My aim is to create 3 VLAN. I want to use the IP adress to 10.12 for VLAN1 so what could be the default gateway address of VLAN1.

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How dynamic host configuration protocol aid in network administration?

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what is difference between cisco switch and other vendor switch?

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What is a runt, Giant, and collision?

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what is diffrance between NAT & PAT

5 Answers   HCL,

What is the name of the routing daemon in Solaris ?

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Which set has protocols of ONLY the Network layer ? a. IP, UDP, TCP, RARP, ICMP b. IP, UDP, ARP, RARP, ICMP c. SPX, UDP, GNS, ARP, APPLETALK d. IPX, FTP, ARP, RARP, ICMP

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