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Can you refresh servlet in client and server-side automatically?

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In howmany ways applet-servlet communication can be done?

1 Answers  

What is meant by session? Tell me something about httpsession class?

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What is the purpose of inter-servlet communication?

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when you comppile the servlet is it neccesary to restaet the tomcat server?

6 Answers   HCL,

what are the different services provided by the web server?

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How long do servlets last?

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What are the methods in HttpServlet?

8 Answers  

Explain the difference between servletconfig and servletcontext in servlet?

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How to find whether a parameter exists in the request object?

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How servlet is created?

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What methodology can be followed to store more number of objects in a remote server?

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What is the use of RequestDispatcher in servlet?

18 Answers   Accenture, CTS, TCS,